Get the best from your Levy

What to think about first

The Levy is a great opportunity and there are several critical things to consider when seeking a good provider to work with you;

  • Apprentices will need a variation to their employment contract that reflects the fact that they are undertaking an apprenticeship. 
  • Apprentices will need to spend an average of 1 day each week engaged in training. 
  • The Government has allocated funding caps on qualification levels, this means as an employer you are able to negotiate, not just how much you pay a provider, but also how you can use your own learning resources to develop your apprentices.   
  • It's also worth asking providers how they approach tackling some of the stigma typically attached to being an "apprentice".   

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Do you need a structured, funded Leadership and Management Programme

You can use your apprenticeship levy to fund a full leadership and management programme, aligned to your business strategy. Even if you are not paying into the levy, you can still draw on Government funding. And although the programme is Government funded, it doesn't mean that there are restrictions placed on what the progarmme can and cannot include. 

The Government has really listened to employers and the new apprenticeship levy gives employers a lot more freedom to shape a programme that works for their business! Contact us via the form below to find out more

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